Welcome to Virtual platforms from VIDDI LLC.

Countries, governmental agencies, large companies and organizations can choose a solution, use their brand name and call it their own. Unlike the programs we offer the public, we will build platforms that will save any organization or company millions of dollars. For example, you can build a solution for business or education that gives you as many offices, and schools as you like. That means you can build schools that have as many classes as you like with unlimited participants. So, for a country or large business that spends more than a billion dollars annually for a virtual platform, can now purchase custom Solutions for a fraction of the cost. Below you will find an example that's how it works. (Contact us)

How It Works
  • Administrator/Employers
  • Create Job/Work profile, address and profile pic.
  • Create schedule to include start and stop time with lunch breaks in between.
  • (Admin can create unlimited Job sites and Offices).
  • Admins/Supervisors/Managers can see all workers in attendance. Workers can only see the management.
  • Supervisors can use the mouse to click on a worker and everyone will see the manager and worker video chat with each other. The manager may also click on as many workers as they wish and they will appear. The manager also has a button on the dashboard that says Upfront. When this button is pressed, everyone can see everyone. This function helps because no one can video bomb or disrupt the office, the manager has full control.
  • Managers have personal text to every worker, while workers can only text the manager. This texting part of the program can also upload documents and attachments to the manager. For discussions in the office there is also Community chat, where all workers can join in the conversation without video chatting.
  • OfficeV1 also provides management with the ability to create documents, applications and special reports to send the workers that they may work on and submit back to the manager.

OfficeV1 doesn't stop there. Every worker has their own personal dashboard for communication. Besides texting the manager personally and being involved in community chat, the worker has the ability to hit the Answer button if the manager asks a question. This means when the worker presses the Answer button their box lights up, the manager may click on their box and they will appear in front of  the office to answer the managers question.

Workers also have a Question button located on their dashboard, so when the worker presses the Question button, their box lights up and gets the manager's attention. If the worker has to go to the restroom to relieve themselves, they have a Break button, when pressed, it will flash Break above the workers box.  Break button has a timer so the manager may see how long the worker is away from the office.  The OfficeV1 is also equipped with a full virtual Library to help workers with their daily work. The OfficeV1 program was made to save employers and workers huge amounts of money.

Exercise function coming soon!